Context of the Study

  • As one of the deliverables of the Consolidation and Redevelopment Work on Quality Education Fund English Language (Primary) Projects (hereafter referred to as C&R Work), CEELT has developed a resource package by incorporating and extending the successful pedagogic experiences of 57 QEF projects on English Language (Primary). Six modules—Phonics, Reading, E-learning, Drama, Intervention Programmes and Enrichment Programmes—have been developed for the resource package, with detailed lesson plans, teaching suggestions and supporting materials.

  • Aiming to further disseminate the good practices of the QEF projects, a QEF Thematic Network (QTN) is established to facilitate selected primary schools to try out selected module(s) from the C&R Work resource package, as well as to expand the module(s) by developing their own school-based English curriculum for enhancing English learning and teaching. The QTN also provides a platform for the selected schools to share among themselves valuable pedagogic experiences, as well as useful learning and teaching materials. With the professional support from CEELT, these good practices will then be consolidated and disseminated to primary schools in Hong Kong.